Metallic Gradient Lens Aviator Sunglasses For Unisex

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A modern approach to 50's oversize eyewear trends associated with flat top and side shields
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  • * Larger version and offer see-through gradient tint
  • * Combining flat top design with a full metal frame
  • * Offering a very modern and masculine look
  • * Reduce debilitating glare and light scatter, thus reducing general eye fatigue
  • * Provide a natural vision from transmitting original colors without any modifications
  • * Protection from harmful UVA / UVB rays
  • * Act like sunscreen for the eyes and skin around the eyes
  • * Blocking damaging higher frequencies of light
  • * Ultrasoft and allergy-free Silicone Nose Pads
  • * Protect your nose bridge and make you feel more comfortable
  • * These nose pads are safe,durable and not easy to slide
  • * Using high-quality metal hinges,opening and closing thousands of times
  • * Less likely to damage the experiments confirmed that the glasses

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