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Sunglasses Best

-- we deliver not only sunglasses, but also the latest fashion


* Why choose us:

-- We have more lately designed sunglasses than your local stores. We can let you carry the latest fashion! We don't have all others do, we just want you be the fashion leader.


* Which carrier we work with:

-- e-Packet, which is the official carrier that Ebay uses too! Then you'll understand why our total is a little more expensive than others, who send the items by China Post, the cheapest carrier but also the most unreliable one!


* How many years we've been in this career:

-- Three years. We deeply know what the trend is.


* What we have, but others don't

-- SAME QUALITY, CHEAPER THAN shopzerouv.com and sunglassspot.com!


To help you have a happy shopping experience, here are some tips for you:

* Sign up before checkout:

Although you can always check out as a guest, but for your convenience, it is strongly recommended to Sign Up and add what you like in the wishlist (or shopping cart), then you'll be able to easily find it when you return to buy it!

* Seek the assistance:

If you have any questions, you got multiple ways to reach us:

  1. First, there is 'Live Chat' box on the right bottom wherever you're at now. Simply click it, and leave a message. (If we're online, we'll reply immediately. If we're not, we'll reply your message by your left email. Or you can check our reply just by simply getting back and open the message box again.)
  2. If you're now at any product page, just simply click 'Got a question? Leave us a message -->got a question
  3. If you're at a category page, just scroll down, find 'Contact Us' at the left bottom. contact us
  4. Or you can directly send an email to us at sunglassesbest7@gmail.com
  5. Add our WhatsApp number +8615658668895 for easier access
  6. If you have any emergency, just call +86 156 5866 8895 (GTM+8 Time Zone, availabe on 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM)