Sunglasses Best

-- we deliver not only sunglasses, but also the latest fashion


* Not only DISCOUNT, but also DIVERSITY!

-- We offer not only big discount, but also diversity! Not like other wholesale sunglasses shops, where you need to buy multiple pairs of the same style to get the discount. Here as far as there are 3 pairs in your cart, no matter if they are the same style, our discount applies!

-- And the more you buy, the more discount you get! There will be 10% off when you put just 3 pairs in cart, 20% off if it's 6, and 30% off when it reaches 12!


* Why choose us:

-- The Newest Styles: We have more lately designed sunglasses than your local stores. We can let you carry the latest fashion! We don't have all others do, we just want you be the fashion leader.

-- A large variety of Designs: We have 700+  fashionable sunlgasses models.

-- Customers' Trust: Positive ratings from thousands of customers.  

-- Long-term Experience: 6 years+. We well know what the trend is.


* Which carrier we work with:

-- e-Packet, which is the official carrier that Ebay uses too! Then you'll understand why our total is a little more expensive than others, who send the items by China Post, the cheapest carrier but also the most unreliable one! Some sellers even send parcels WITHOUT tracking number ahthough the shipping is very cheap! You know what it means, you never know how long it will arrive!


About Freight

There is a registered fee of $4.00 for every parcel, then $1.50 per pair of glasses. For example, if you buy 10 pairs, then the total shipping cost is $15 plus $4 that is $19. 

We know the shipping cost for every single pair is a little high, but actually it wasn't this case before the coronavirus broke out.

Also, why do some sellers at other third party online markets charge such low shipping cost? The reason is easy to tell - because when you buy only one pair of glasses, they send it by the cheapest way that doesn't ask for the registered fee, which means it may take a lifetime on the way and you may never know when the parcel will arrive, because you can't trace a parcel without a tracking number. And when you purchase a few pairs, you may find that they will charge more cost for the tracking number (because it is risky to send more goods without the tracking number), which finally may result in even more shipping cost than ours.


About Delivery Time

    We need 2 ~ 3 days to process the order.

    After it is collected by the post office, it takes 2 ~ 3 weeks to be delivered to the world.

* What we have, but others don't have



Every page looks unique:

Not like other stores, where there are a great deal of duplicated content in many pages, we've been trying to make every item look unique, in order to let you have a comfortable shopping experience.


How many types of sunglasses we have:

Based on the shapes, we sort our sunglasses into such categories:

Aviator (or pilot),

Cat eye (or cat ear)

Round (or oval),

Square (or rectangular),

Butterfly (because its shape looks a flying butterly),

Heart (they look like heat shape),

Polygon (for example hexagon).

And according to the styles, we group them into these kinds:

Mini (or small, tiny, their sizes are smaller than normal sunglasses, it won't cover much of your face, but they definitely make you look cool),

Oversized (no need to explain too much, a pair of such classical shades is a must-have when you're on a vacation at the beach),

Steampunk (Wow, these vintage sunglasses certainly make you look different like a star from the ancient, especially if you need a pair to match your costume in a show).

Rimless (Well, not all people like this style, they come with no boder around the lens, but they do make you look special)


* Sign up before checkout:

Although you can check out as a guest, but for your convenience, it is strongly recommended to Sign Up and add what you like in the Wishlist (or Shopping Cart), then you'll be able to easily find it when you return to buy it!