Unlike other glasses malls or markets, after you roam aournd picking some shades, when you check out, you find that they come from some different suppliers, which means you'll have to pay double, triple or even more shipping cost for your goods.

It is disappointing and uneconomic to buy one order with more shipping cost, however, at sunglassesbest that situation will end here.

No matter how many pieces of spectacles you buy, you'll need to pay only $4 (four US dollars, which may vary based on some periods such as Chrismas or cornavirus pandemic) for the whole order, which means you'll save significant shipping cost for your order in bulk.

In case you hesiate to place an order because you can't find all the models you want to purchase here, DON'T worry, just send us the emaill with the picture of your glasses, we're sure that 99% of styles can be provided here, at the rather competitive offer, as long as they are produced at China.

We now have more than 7 hundred of various shades designs online, but what we can sell is far more than that, almost every week we are uploading or updating our collection.

However, as you can see, we don't sell one type of shades, which is cheap sunglasses. Here 'cheap' means cheap quality, instead of cheap price. Because cheap price doesn't necessarily mean poor quality, but the cheap quality definitely means that type of glasses proves disappointing.