What kind of glasses do you prefer? 

Function: Obviously oversized sunglases protect your eyes better, especially when you're in the big sun by beach or driving at work.

Style: Comparied to oversized shades, tiny sunglasses show more personalities. Imagine when you're on a red carpet, or on a party stage arounded by the crowd, tiny spectacles offers more rocking feel!

Who like tiny one say:

Fans 1: GDragon has been wearing these for months and have been ROCKING them. Well, he makes anything look good.

Fans 2: Fuck yes. I just got my teeny tinies in the mail last night I couldn't be more excited.

Who support big one say:

Fans 1: I want the opposite, I want big ass ‘70s/early ‘00s glasses back. I have some cute pink ones that have been sitting in my closet for ten years and I want to wear them again.

Fans 2: My sunglass size is directly proportional to the length of my crow’s feet. Seriously, one day I was driving along, I glanced in the rearview mirror and I could see my wrinkles sticking out past the edge of my sunglasses. I immediately pulled into the nearest Ross and bought a bigger pair of sunglasses. I do not need that kind of negative reminder of my age a million times a day. 

Our editer says: Anyway, if you like, either way works, fill up your cabinet with two kinds, be cool or be practical, it's up to you.