If there is one pair of shades that lasted my summer escapades, it was smoke lenses double-bridge cool rectangle sunglasses! I was so in love with it I didn’t mind basking under the glorious sun because of it. I attended one of showcase of shades and my eyes immediately glued to this lovely pair. The campaign is shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott featuring model Vanessa Moody, the Abstract sunglasses would be the star of the season.  The Abstract style became a crowd favorite from prominent bloggers, runway superstars to our favorite celebrities, sunglasses best's glasses is undoubtedly the IT Glasses.

Having owned a pair of glasses, I can understand why everyone might be obsessed with this glasses. The range of styles perfectly flatters all face shapes. The bonus prize is that it adds an instant cool factor once you wear the shades. I should know as I have felt the “awesomeness” every time I wear this, and when you wear your glasses, just know that everyone will recognize the classic design of your designer shades.

The campaign highlights the Sideral sunglasses front and center. The classic round shape and stunning architectural details, I appreciate the minimalist approach of sunglasses.It instantly gives unmistakable cool-girl approach, making you one of those cool kids in school everyone loves to hang out with.