Given that we sell so many kinds of sunglasses at wholesale, we pay particular attention to what's hot at any given time. One thing we have noticed in recent months is an interest in rectangular sunglasses. Our wholesale clients want them because their retail customers want them. So, what is the appeal?

It is hard to place a finger on just one thing. Like most other designs, people appreciate rectangular sunglasses for a variety of reasons. As a retailer, it might be a good idea to ask your customers what they think. Their opinions might influence your inventory decisions. In the meantime, here are a few possible explanations as to why people find rectangular sunglasses so appealing:


There are certain shapes that appeal to female tastes and others that are more appropriate to male tastes. That is not sexist, it's just reality. Perhaps one of the appealing things about rectangles is that they tend to be unisex. Both men and women look outstanding with the right pair of rectangular sunglasses adorning the face. You simply cannot go wrong.

It is true that designers can work with different colors and extra adornments to tailor a particular design to either males or females. We do it all the time. But the rectangular shape itself works equally well with both sexes. So much so that a single pair of gender-neutral rectangles can be shared between a male-female couple and no one would know the difference.


Another possible explanation is eye protection. By their nature, elongated rectangles tend to offer a bit more eye protection – especially toward the sides of the face. Their shape offers more coverage from nose to temple compared to circles, ovals, and squares. An elongated shape also makes rectangles more amenable to a wrap-around design. In short, you can really do a lot to increase protective coverage by designing around the rectangular shape.


If nothing else, rectangular lenses offer a more modern look compared to some of the other shapes we commonly see. Combine rectangles with the right color and it is easy to evoke images of a sci-fi future where everybody looks cool from head to toe. Rectangular sunglasses remind us of our own desires to do something different, to be someone who lives outside the norm.

Let's face it, the vast majority of sunglasses out there are not rectangular in shape. So when you see someone wearing an especially elongated pair, those sunglasses stick out. They say that the wearer is not afraid of modern design. Rectangles say that the wearer is willing to try something new and modern.


Finally, the appeal of rectangular sunglasses could be nothing more than just an innate desire to be different. We all want to be different to some degree. It is just that some of us don't want to push the boundaries of fashion too far out of fear of being the odd one out. Maybe that's not the case with people who find rectangular sunglasses appealing.

Rectangles certainly aren't the norm. Oversized rectangles in bright colors are even more unusual. It might just be that some people appreciate rectangular sunglasses because they aren't like anything else. They are the same consumers who would think nothing of wearing triangles, hearts, or other odd shapes.

In the end, what matters is that rectangular sunglasses are in demand right now. We encourage you to add some to your inventory as you gear up for 2019 holiday sales. Rectangles could very well end up being your hottest seller this year.