With inexpensive sunglasses, I always wonder if "polarized" is just a sticker placed by unscrupulous sellers or if they are true to their word. Here are two quick ways that anyone can do at home.

polarization test card 1) If you buy a sunglasses from SunglassesBest, normally we'll throw a polarization test card  in the package. When you take that card out, originally there is a fisherman with nothing. After you put your new sunglasses over that card, a hidden fish pops out! It means your sunglasses is polarzied!

2) Of if you don't have a polarizaiton test card, don't worry, here is another easy way - you can hold the sunglasses up to a computer screen and rotate it (clockwise or anticlockwise). If it darkens, then it is polarized!

polarization sunglasses before rotation Here is the illustration before you rotate the sunglasses

polarization sunglasses after rotation After you rotate the sunglasses to a certain degree, you can see the letters 'NEW STANDARD...$49.99' darkening! It means your sunglasses is polarized!

(You can do the same test again with a non-polarized sunglasses, it won't darken however you move it.)