Polarization coatings have been used in many applications. One of the most common uses of this type of coating is to make polarized lenses. Polarized lenses basically have a special coating that provides the user many benefits. The lenses are treated with a special chemical film or coating which reduces glare making objects much clearer to the user. Polarized lenses can help reduce the harmful effects of glare on people’s eyes. 

Polarized lenses are very different from regular sunglasses. For starters, regular sunglasses only slightly reduce the amount of light that enters through the lens. They do not have a polarized coating to eliminate glare perfectly. However, polarized lenses will not only eliminate glare but also block harmful UV rays from getting into your eyes. The lenses are designed to absorb light waves coming from any direction other than vertically. This means that, vertical rays will be allowed to pass through the polarized lens but the horizontal light waves will be absorbed to prevent your view from being distorted by glare.

Polarization coatings can be used to make different types of lenses. There are those lenses which are made using thicker sheets of film in order to offer more impact resistance. The lenses which have an added thickness are more durable which is why they are usually expensive. When shopping for polarized lenses make sure you look for the ones which are designed to resist breakage especially if you will be wearing them when performing casual sports.

Polarized lenses are very different from tinted lenses. Even though tinted glasses are designed to reduce the level of brightness and make images clearer they don’t remove glare like polarized lenses. The tint is just used to reduce brightness but it doesn’t offer any form of protection from UV rays. In fact, dark lenses with no coating for UV protection do not help the user and can cause serious eye damage. You would rather not wear the dark glasses at all.

This is because lenses which are just dark, with no UV protection, can make the pupil to dilate. This lets in more UV into the inner parts of the eye and can cause serious damage. This is why many eye doctors will advice their patients to invest in polarized lenses instead. If the polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare on surfaces like glass and snow, they can help if you are participating in water activities or sports.

For many years, polarization coatings have been used to make lenses which are used by boaters and fishermen. Research has shown that polarization has reduced glare to an extent that it makes lenses safe for use in sporting activities. Remember though that there are many different types of polarized coatings. The type you choose should depend on the desired application. If you intend to use the coatings to make specialized lenses, ask the suppliers to provide customized product for you. All coatings should be customized to suit your application.