poc half blade

I have nothing against flashy, mirrored, pro-racer–style sunglasses that make you look intimidating. I even enjoy wearing them sometimes: Let’s play hardcore fast guys!

But I’m actually not very hard. I like to have a good time, and I also don’t want you to look at me that much when I’m riding my bike. The POC DO Half Blades are more my steez. The shades remind me of my oversize snowboarding goggles. The curved upper edge provides ample field-of-view when you’re looking ahead in the down-low riding position, but it’s also POC’s intentional deviation from the poker-faced flavor of most racy road glasses. “Instead of looking angry, it’s more like, ‘What’s up?’ like you’re raising your eyebrows,” says Jonas Söderqvist, head of eyewear at POC

The lens is shaped to conduct airflow and prevent fogging, and is chemically treated to repel water. During a nightime ’cross race in torrential rain, water beaded and streamed off so well that it took 45 minutes until I finally had to ditch the glasses, and only because I made the mistake of removing them, which broke the air barrier. On winter road rides, the lens resisted fogging; on the trail it fogged when I stopped, but cleared when I started moving again.

Lest the friendly looks mislead you, know that the Half Blade is good enough for the riders on the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, and that at $280, you probably won’t be interested in these shades unless you take the performance of all your gear pretty seriously. And are a little less serious about looking serious.