First of all, it is stronly recommended that you register an account, and add what you like in the wishlist, which is the easist way to find what you want to buy when you return. (it works the same way if you put it in cart after you sign up)   

Besides the wishlist (or cart), you got below options to search what you're interested.

1, Top Menu. we sort all sunglasses into below categories based on what they look like (the ‘Shapes’), you can find them on the 'Top Menu' like ‘Aviator’, ‘Cat Eye', ‘Round’ and etc.

sunglasses category  


2, Use the “Search box’ on the top of the site.

search box

For example, if you want to look for ‘mirrored sunglasses’, just put ‘mirrored’ in the box (You DO NOT have to put ‘sunglasses’ too, that will end up with more unconcerned results.)


3. Use the ‘Popular Tags

popular tags

On the left of the site, you’ll find an area named ‘Popular Tags’, here we list some popular words that people look for frequently. For example, if you’re looking for ‘rose gold sunglasses’, then just simply click the words ‘rose gold sunglasses’, the site will show up all sunglasses with ‘rose gold’ colors available.

If you don’t see the left menu ‘Popular Tags’ (for example if you’re now at a product page, you don’t see the left menu’, you can also find the ‘Tags' on the bottom of the page’.

product tags

For example, if a product has ‘Tags' of ‘Yellow Sunglasses’, and if you want to look for other sunglasses with yellow lens too, then click that tag, you will see many other sunglasses with yellow color available.


4. Use the ‘Advanced Search

advanced search

If you want to look for a pair of specific sunglasses. For example, you saw it somewhere in our site, but don’t know where it is located, like ‘Super Vintage Small Sized Sunglasses Retro Square Frame’. In this case DO NOT use the ‘Search Box’ on the top (that will bring up many unconcerned results’, use the ‘Advanced Search’ on the bottom of the site, then put the product name on the ‘Name’ box, you will see the only accurate result.