Picking out frames should be fun! Glasses frames can emphasize your look and style. Selections are so vast and varied, the experience can be overwhelming. Here is a look at the most popular frame shapes available. Knowing their names can be very helpful when you actually get to the point of purchase.

avaiator sunglasses 

Aviator: Envision the glasses that old-school pilots used to wear, and you've got yourself a pair of aviators! They come in all kinds of materials and usually feature large, teardrop-shaped lenses. However, modernized versions of this traditional style have become quite popular!

butterfly sunglasses 

Butterfly: This style features frames that splay out to resemble butterfly wings.

cat eye sunglasses 

Cat-Eye: This highly fashionable style stems from the retro era, typically showcasing an upswept almond-shaped silhouette with high temples that are sometimes accented with fun embellishments!

clubmaster sunglasses 

Clubmaster-Inspired: This vintage style was originally created by popular brand Ray-Ban, and features an exaggerated plastic brow bar and temples, with metal-rimmed bottom frames.And 'Semi-Rimless' can be added in this family because it doesn't have the rim on bottom half of the lenses either.

rimless sunglasses 

Rimless: This style features lenses that appear to not have frames. In reality, the lenses are held together by an invisible nylon cord, notches or mounting screws to provide a rimless optical illusion.

rounds sunglasses 

Rounds: Like its name, this style features a perfectly round silhouette and typically exudes a retro vibe.

shields sunglasses 

Shields: These frames (usually sunglasses) were originally designed to fit over prescription glasses. However, they have become a fashion staple, featuring lenses that are cut into one piece or appear solid across the bridge, covering more space on the face.

square sunglasses 

Squares: Like its name, this style features a square silhouette that can be rounded or angular. Sometimes we may have difficulty to tell the difference of square and wayfarer, you can consider the square sunglasses as an oversized wayfarer and its angles of the lenses are a little sharper.

wayfarer sunglasses 

Wayfarer: This versatile style was originally created by popular brand Ray-Ban, and features a chunkier square silhouette with thick temples - a design that'll travel anywhere. 'Flat-Top' and 'Rectangle (Rectangular) can be considered in this category too, because they look very similarly. 

wraparound sunglasses 

Wraparounds: These sunglasses curve around the head, from the front to the side, providing extra protection from sunlight since the lenses hug close to the face and shield the delicate skin around the eyes. People wear this kind of sunglasses when they take sporty and outdoor activities.