Conclusiton for your refernecne: 'Round' shapes (edges) fit most of ladies, and 'Square' types look better on gentlemen.

After trying on almost every style under the you-know-what, we narrowed our favorites down to the ones here. They're insanely stylish, but still classic enough to wear for a lifetime. Read on to find the sunglasses that perfectly suit your face shape.

sunglasses for round face 


Boxy shapes give you more definition.

Oversize: Nose pads keep large frames from pressing into rounder cheeks. 

Square: Sharp edges and straight lines have a nice sleekening effect.

Wayfarer: The extended temples are just right with broad cheekbones. 

sunglasses for heart face 


Rounded edges and wide bottoms are best for your features.

Wayfarer: Frames that dip at the bridge are best for a broad forehead. 

Aviator: The wide-set lenses visually fill out the lower half of your face. 

Cat-Eye: These create perfect harmony with a pointier chin. 

sunglasses for oval face 


You can pull off any shape, but proportion is key.

Oversize: Shades that cover from eyebrows to tops of cheeks shorten a long face. 

Small Wayfarer: Delicate features won't be overwhelmed. Try a bright pair if you like drama.

Aviator: The curve adds width to narrow faces. Go small or large - whichever you like.

sunglasses for heart face 


Curved frames lend softness to an angular face.

Cat-Eye: This subtly arched, top-heavy style complements a strong jaw. 

Round: Semi-rimless styles lengthen your face. 

Oversize: Translucent ones let you go big without adding heaviness.