To all customers from USA:

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the flights between China and US were strikngly decreased, and it significantly affected the delivery time from China to US.

According to The New York Times, after the COVID-19 broke out, as much as 13,000 flights were cancelled. From the following picture, you can tell how much the virus affected the flights, on the left part (before the virus outbreak), there were still lots of flights from China to US. On the right part (after the virus broke out), there are much FEWER flights now. 

That means it has to take more time than usual for the parcels to arrive at USA. Before the virus broke out, it took about 2 weeks only to arrive. But now it has to take a month or maybe even longer on the way.

During this special and diffucult time, many parcels to USA are delayed. We are sorry for what happened, and we also sincerely are looking forward to your kind understanding.

Let's stay together, and fight the coronavirus together. We will win finally, and everything will get back to normal.


Sunglasses Best's Team

May 17, 2020

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