Why are there so many vendors selling sunglasses at so cheap prices?

When you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses, and after you look around at a few stores, and finally find what you like and its price is just so cheap! That’s it, that’s what i’ve been looking for. After a long time of suffering from waiting, you got your ‘Surprise’ in the end!

Why are they so cheap! Because of ‘SCRATCH, SCRATCH AND SCRATCH!

It is indeed a pair of sunglasses, and it does look like what i’ve ordered, but why are there so many annoying SCRATCHES on it!!! Are you sure it’s unused?

By the way, it takes almost a LIFETIME to get here, i’ve used up all my patience before it arrives!

Yes it’s cheap, but it’s nonsense too! I can NOT stand wearing it for any minute! Forget it!


DO NOT buy cheap sunglasses again!

We, ‘Sunglasses Best’, guarantee that you will NOT get any sunglasses with the scratch! We DO NOT send sunglasses with scratches, no matter they are at normal price or on sale! (That’s the key reason why our prices are a little more expensive!)

And we use the reliable carrier - ePacket - the only official carrier that Ebay appoints! That means that you can be guaranteed to get your goods in a reasonable time at a reasonable price (also that’s why our shipping cost is a little more expensive than other sellers)

sunglasses defect one

 Sample ONE: This is the defect that we found before we sent, we didn't send it to the customer!

sunglasses defect two

Sample TWO: These yellow sunglasses had the scratch on the top gold tone bar, we held it before we shiped it.

 sunglasses defect three

Samples THREE: These rose gold sunglasses tint has falled off before it is sent to the client.

So we deliver not only sunglasses, but also trust!