bulk discount


Today one of my customers asked us, can she still get the discount if she mix colors? 

The answer is definitely YES!

First of all, add as less as 3 pairs in cart, you are able to get 10% discount. Add more, get more discount. When you add more than 12 (a dozon) pair in cart, you can get as much as 30% off!

Secondly, you don't have to choose the same color to get the discount, you can mix colors! That means, either you select 12 pairs for 1 color, or 1 pair per 1 color total 12 pairs, you will always get the discount. 

And what is better, you can mix models, and you still get the discount! For example, when you add every 1 pair from 3 different models (total 3 pairs), you can still get the discount! 

So not like other wholesale sunglasses shop, you have to accept appointed colors for only one model, WE OFFER THE DISCOUNT FOR DIFFERENT COLORS AND MODELS ACROSS THE WHOLE SITE!  

Enjoy shopping!


Sunglasses Best Team