Blade Trinity sees Jessica Biel sporting the Oakley Juliet, as Abigail Whistler, a 'Nightstalker' and not to be messed with. Abigail is a tough cookie and puts up a mean fight to all those blood sucking vampires. Blade Trinity is based around the half-vampire, half-mortal, Blade, who slays vampires in order to protect the mortal race. Blade is wanted by the FBI and as well as facing his most challenging enemy, Dracula, he decides to join forces with the Nightstalkers.

The Oakley Juliet sungalsses are the perfect frame for 2004 film, a super stylish frame that is sleek and lightweight. Boasting a lens coating that prevents rain and sweat from building up and also able to repel skin oils, vision is perfectly clear at all times. Let’s face it, if we were slaying vampires we wouldn't want our vision to be impaired by a bit of sweat! With an adjustable frame, you can mould them to your specific needs, not just practical and high tech but also super stylish. The perfect frame for an outdoor lifestyle, whether you slay vampires or just enjoy running, the Juliet is for you!