We have four collections ON SALE, when you put multiple sunglasses in cart from ANY of 'Sale Collection 1', 'Sale Collection 2' , 'Sale Collection 3' and 'Sale Collection 4',

  • When you buy 2 pairs, you will get 10% off.

  • If you buy 3, get 15% off.

  • And if you buy more than 4, enjoy 20% OFF!   


1,  No any coupon is required, the discount will automatically apply in the shopping cart.   

2, To ensure the discount will apply, please try to add  all you want to buy from 'ONLY ONE sale collection'. (If the sunglasses in cart are from more than two collections, the discount may NOT apply.) 

3, Since the multiple shades are from the same sale collection, the discount will apply no mattter if they are same SKU or different SKU. 

4, If you put at least 4 sunglasses from one collection in cart, the discount will apply no matter if there are other sunglasses from other collections.


Sample of 10% off:

10% off sunglasses

Sample of 15% off:

15% off sunglasses

Sample of 20% off:

20% off sunglasses